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Every journalist should know the pitfalls of inaccurate reporting. Costly libel claims and demands for prominent apologies are just two. Our journalist transcription service offers you an exact record of audio files, so you don’t make mistakes.

The complex nature of gathering news, and shifts in publishing trends, means many journalists now use recording devices to capture data. It could be that you are conducting an in-depth interview, making a documentary or carrying out an undercover investigation. You may even use a hidden microphone when ‘door-stepping the dead’. The sight of a notepad and pen can bring the shutters down on a promising story.

Getting your work professionally transcribed is a smart move if you are covering a fast-paced news item. It is also recommended for coverage of important public meetings, where recording devices are allowed. If you are a freelancer, audio-to-text accuracy is essential – your livelihood depends on it.

Our transcription services are used by media companies and freelancers. It offers speech to text documentation that can be used in print and online. This form of independent transcribing leaves nothing to chance.

The Advantages of Our Journalist Transcription Service

The world of journalism is evolving all the time. Ten years ago, ‘web first’ would have been considered swear words. Today it is essential – if you want to give your audience breaking news. The rise of online content has driven the need for more audio files. But, as the bean counters know, media chiefs have yet to work out how to make the web pay. While print revenue is generally in decline, it still largely outstrips revenue generated by the internet. That is why ‘web first’ content recorded in audio still needs to appear in print.

If you are a freelance journalist, having a written transcript of your audio file can help you make more money. This is especially the case if you are a broadcast journalist. Transcription can open up new revenue streams. You can make it accessible to print publications as well as online publishers.

Many clients use our journalism transcription service to save time. Some worry that their shorthand isn’t what is used to be. Others want the reassurance of an impartial written record. This is especially useful when dealing with a contentious issue.

Our Accurate Transcripts Will Aid You in Reaching a Bigger Audience

Broadcasters and other media companies use journalism transcription to reach more people. It helps them promote audio content across multiple platforms. It also provides the basis for social media content and follow-up stories. The hearing impaired appreciate not being excluded from media services.

We help journalists and publishers protect their reputation. At a time when there are calls for the Press to be regulated, it makes sense to be extra careful. We live in a compensation culture and publishers are all too often the prime target.

Accuracy is all about the ability to hear what is said in context. Our journalism transcription guarantees every word is documented. Even if some words are hard to decipher because of ambient sounds. This is important when you consider how rowdy even the most parochial council meeting can be.

We recommend journalism transcription for those who are covering:

  • Protests
  • Press conferences
  • Public inquiries
  • High-profile inquests
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