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Guarantee Confidentiality By Outsourcing

Confidential and Secure

“Fire and swords are slow engines of destruction, compared to the tongue of a gossip.” Wise words from the Irish writer Sir Richard Steele. And a good reason to outsource HR transcription.

We make managing your people easier. That is because our transcribers understand the importance of dealing with sensitive information. They work in complete confidence. More and more HR professionals rely on Alphabet Transcription Specialists. They recognise the value of outsourcing, but that is not all.

Our HR audio-to-text service provides high-quality, court-ready documents. Outsourcing to us negates the risk of data leaks. This is important if you want to avoid potentially costly office gossip. What’s more, our HR audio transcription is undertaken by specialists. Their transcripts are then checked by professional proof readers to guarantee accuracy.

The Benefits of HR Transcription

We provide verbatim transcription, if required, for recorded meetings that could result in litigation. This includes disciplinary hearings. Our court-ready documents can form part of your legal defence. Keep confidential information away from potential whistleblowers and office gossips by outsourcing. Many HR departments use our services as part of their data loss prevention measures.

Our clients value our services because it helps to protect their brand. We transcribe recorded job interviews. This is because it helps protect employers. Transcription can counter claims of unconscious bias and ensure fairness. It allows information about candidates to be fully absorbed. This makes assessments or scoring easier.

Why Choose Us to Transcribe Your Audio Recording?

At Alphabet Transcription Specialists, we offer a comprehensive package of HR transcription services. Our online transcription is cost-effective and highly accurate. We deliver exceptional services to HR professionals. Our clients includes those in both the public and private sectors globally.

We understand complex HR issues. That is because we have been providing HR related transcripts for more than 20 years. Our clients recommend us because we take confidentiality seriously. We don’t just guarantee a confidential service. We use military grade encryption. This added layer of security protects files and correspondence at every stage. Your sensitive data is destroyed, once our work is complete.

Precise and Accurate Transcripts

Our precise transcripts capture every word, if required. Use our voice-to-text documents if you want exactly what was said in writing. Having a written record of a meeting makes sense. It aids transparency and makes dealing with subsequent legal issues simpler.

All our transcribers understand the legal importance of transcribing HR recordings correctly. They know the phrases and acronyms they are likely to hear on an audio file. And they are committed to delivering the very best service in complete confidence.

We are here to help. Talk to us if you want transcription of a disciplinary hearing, redundancy discussions or investigation meetings.

Our HR transcription service deals with a wide range of file formats. They include MP3, WAV and Windows Media and many more.

How Do I Obtain HR Transcription From You?

It is easy to open an account with us. Simply contact us here or call us on +44 (0) 1707 260027. Tell us about your requirements and we will respond with a quotation. If you decide to proceed, we will set you up an account. We provide you with login details for your secure area in our online portal. Once you have logged in, upload your sound files and leave the rest to us. It is that easy.

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