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Turning Oral Data Created For Devices Into Text

A Guide to Podcast Transcription

Podcasts are big business. They create a buzz for a product or brand by making audio files accessible from any device. Our podcast transcription service allows oral data to be documented in text. Businesses use podcasts to build brand loyalty and share product reviews. They also use podcasts to broadcast information and to offer consumers valuable tips and advice.

The podcast can incorporate branding. Unlike conventional radio, a listener doesn’t have to tune in at a set time. They can download a podcast and listen to it whenever it suits them. This makes it an effective marketing tool. It is used by entertainers, influencers and even politicians to reach a wide audience. The benefits include being able to share information that identifies you as an expert in your field.

Many organisations and individuals believe podcasts help them build trust and loyal fan bases. There is a problem with podcasts, though. To get the most from them, you may have to listen to a podcast more than once. Why? Because people often try to absorb podcasts while they are doing something else. It means not all the information shared is digested.

The Benefits of Transcribing your Podcasts

Forging a connection with a target market means promoting your message across multiple platforms. A podcast alone is unlikely to reach everyone in your sights as this consumer behaviour survey shows. That is why more and more podcasters are turning to us for help. Our podcast transcription promotes consistency – an essential element of branding.

Podcast transcription delivers a carbon copy of your audio file in a text format. It allows you to reuse your content for a wide range of purposes. Often, our transcripts support multi-channel marketing campaigns as well as content for websites. It is also essential if you want to be inclusive. Our transcripts are highly-valued by the hearing impaired.

Because anyone can make a podcast, you may need a transcript for legal reasons. Perhaps your brand has fallen foul of a fake product review or been bad-mouthed by an employee. Podcast transcription will help you evaluate the potential damage caused and what steps to take.

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Use Audio and Text to Build Your Audience

Podcasts are often recorded with no script. This is because podcasters like to sound natural to appeal to listeners. If your organisation wants to keep track of audio content, podcast transcription is a sensible move. It will help you measure engagement and pinpoint inconsistencies in your verbal communication.

By paying attention to content on audio files, you can build your audience. Tips or advice given orally can have a greater impact in writing. Text allows the reader to fully absorb data.

We recommend podcast transcription to ambitious brands, individuals and media organisations. The benefits include having an accurate record. Written content will also help you make new connections. Sending your subscribers an invitation to read tips first shared in a podcast is a good idea. It gives you a second chance to engage them. You can reach even more people by using podcast transcription in email marketing, which has a high click-through rate.

Want to Know More?

Who should you trust to undertake your podcast transcription? At Alphabet Transcription Specialists, we recommend you only use an expert service. The best transcripts are delivered by those who are trained to listen carefully. A skilled transcriber can hear words that others may struggle to understand.

It is easy to open an account with us. Simply call us on +44 (0) 1707 260027. Tell us about your requirements and we will respond with a quotation. If you decide to proceed, we will set you up an account. We provide you with login details for your secure area in our online portal. Once you have logged in, upload your sound files and leave the rest to us. It is that easy.

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