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5 Ways Transcription Services Can Help You Meet Marketing Goals

Achieve your Marketing Goals with Transcription Services

Because most businesses rely on a multimedia approach to marketing, it is vitally important to retain consistency throughout a campaign. Consistency is part of what makes a brand, and conveying the same message in different formats is essential to reinforce the overall aim of any marketing initiative – … Read more >

Posted by on 17 July 2017 in Digital Transcription

Scientific Breakthroughs That Weren’t

The Wonders of Science

The appliance of science is helping researchers make our lives easier and healthier. As a result, we can all expect to live longer and benefit from awesome new technologies along the way. But scientists’ unquestionable determination to make the world a better place doesn’t always go according to plan. Not every … Read more >

Posted by on 10 July 2017 in Medical/Pharmaceutical Transcription

Product Development is Aided by Transcription Experts | UK Transcription

The Perfect Match, Product Development and Transcription Experts

No successful product or brand stays the same forever. Like everything, even the most popular items have a shelf life. That is why good brands ensure their products and services constantly evolve – to meet ever-changing consumer demands. Variations can involve anything from amending ingredients or materials … Read more >

Posted by on 7 July 2017 in Transcription Services

HR Professionals Benefit By Outsourcing Transcription

HR Departments Move with the Times

There are important areas of HR work that should never be carried out in-house for legal reasons. Any recordings from meetings, including disciplinary, misconduct and grievance hearings, should be prepared by someone completely independent of the issue under discussion.
In the case of audio recordings from such meetings, a professional … Read more >

Posted by on 4 July 2017 in Corporate Transcription