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Why the Insolvency Service Has Powers to Investigate

Insolvency Service Combats Fraud

Serious corporate abuse is a crime and, in the case of limited companies, can be investigated by the Insolvency Service. Operations to investigate companies suspected of wrongdoing are usually sparked by complaints from customers or insider tip-offs.
The Insolvency Service has a duty to investigate allegations if it is considered they pose … Read more >

Posted by on 3 November 2017 in Legal Transcription

How Transcription Services Are Halting Pension Scams

Pension Scams are Becoming Commonplace

Fraudulent pension schemes are on the increase. Company directors, as well as employees, are being urged to take immediate action if they suspect money is being transferred to a fake pension pot. Pension scams are often perpetrated by individuals. Either people in a position of trust or salesmen who spin … Read more >

Posted by on 27 October 2017 in Legal Transcription

Let’s Hear It for All Our UK Transcription Specialists

Our Transcription Specialists Must Possess the Most Important Sense

We’ve all heard the one about the man who ate his hearing aid thinking it was a cashew nut, proving his eyesight was as bad as his hearing. However, mishaps involving those with poor hearing aren’t always as funny. They can range from the embarrassing to … Read more >

Posted by on 23 October 2017 in Alphabet Team

Dealing with Negligent Financial Advice

Received Negligent Financial Advice and Unsure Where to Turn?

Pension scams are now so widespread that specialist solicitors are handling claims for compensation. If you have lost money as a result of negligent or inadequate pension or investment advice, you should contact a solicitor and discuss your options.
Losing all or part of your pension pot, … Read more >

Posted by on 16 October 2017 in Legal Transcription