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Recognising the importance of listening

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Correct Academic Transcription

Researchers and academics spend their life writing up research and analysing content. Let us take some of that off your hands with our fast, accurate academic transcription services.

If you’ve been closely involved in a research project, you will understand how time consuming it can be to transcribe your interviews and group discussions. Your brain will naturally fill in the gaps, make assumptions or gloss over details as you listen. You’re almost too close to pick up on the detail.

The Importance of Listening

We’re trained to listen and capture the content of your recordings using our intelligent transcription process. We will have researched your terminology, but we have no prior knowledge of your interviews or discussions so our transcribers aren’t influenced in what they’re hearing. The result is accurate, detailed transcripts that are fit for purpose.

Why settle for anything less? We handle your academic transcription projects, therefore freeing up your time to concentrate on the research. You will then have the appropriate time to carry out your analyses.

Academic Transcription Services Made Easy

We have been transcribing academic documents for professors and researchers from some of the most respected universities in the UK since 1995.

We ask the right questions so you get the best results. From one-to-one interviews to complicated focus group discussions, we will transcribe your digital recordings accurately and confidentially, to meet your deadlines.

Please contact Alphabet Transcription Specialists to discuss your transcription requirements by telephoning +44 (0) 1707 260027.

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