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Extend Your Reach and Accessibility With Video Transcription Services

Video content is the viral phenomenon you cannot escape. It is popular because it can be viewed across multiple devices and presents content in an engaging way. But, did you know, video transcription is an essential tool if you want to reach more people?

Our transcription service makes film content easier to comprehend. It is searchable and can be used as the basis for other content. Videos of product launches and reviews are routinely transcribed for email marketing campaigns and press releases. They provide a rich source of re-useable material that can even drive social media engagement.

Of course, subtitles are very important if you want to reach those with hearing impairments. For example, you may be targeting a primarily elderly audience.

Transcribing Your Video For Search Engines

Without a written transcription, your video content is unlikely to rank highly on search engines. That is why webinars and presentations are increasingly transcribed. Our video transcription helps to put information in front of people who are looking for it.

Uploading video to YouTube or a website will not in itself generate a buzz. You need to create text to make your content discoverable. Transcribing your video and adding subtitles aids SEO and marketing. It is also vital if you want to make your content accessible to the hearing impaired.

If you are looking for organic clicks, transcribing your video is the way forward. A written version of your verbal communication is often easier to digest. Downloaded text has a retention value that is greater than video. This is because people can refer to text whenever they want.

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The Benefits of Video Transcripts for Training and Learning

Video-to-text documents can aid the training process in organisations. Our video transcription is also a valuable resource for those studying. If you produce webinars, ensure you have a transcription available for your subscribers.

Not everyone will have the time to watch a video. Our accurate transcription service ensures your audience can absorb your content when it suits them. This is especially important if you are offering qualified tips or advice. It is a ‘must’ if you are an expert in your field or an influencer.

For businesses, a transcription may encourage staff to digest information in their own time.

The Role of Video Transcription in Filmmaking

Post-production video transcription is vital in the film industry. Our transcription services are used by both filmmakers and television production companies. They use our transcripts to obtain a word-for-word account of films, television shows and documentaries.

We don’t just provide a 100% accurate transcription of video scenes. Our work goes beyond that. This type of transcription usually includes onscreen captions. We also provide scene-by-scene information, music cue titles and timecodes and timestamps.

Transcription in this sphere makes film content accessible to everyone.

Why Video Transcription Matters

Video transcription has many uses. It is important for voice-overs, for example. Our transcripts are often used for translating video content into foreign languages. In the case of webinars and other business video content, a transcript may be required for legal reasons. Documentaries should always be transcribed to protect filmmakers in the event of litigation.

Our confidential video transcription service is trusted by professionals. If you would like to talk to a member of our team, call +44 (0) 1707 260027.

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