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When you use the services of a UK audio transcription services company you shouldn’t have to correct their errors. Since 1995, we are proud to have delivered exceptionally high quality documents from UK audio transcription. Our researchers and proof readers take care to ensure we’ve used the right abbreviations, acronyms and terms, spelt correctly, as they have been spoken.

UK Transcribers

We never outsource our projects offshore because we can’t guarantee the level of English fluency if we do. Instead, we only employ transcribers who speak, and write, English as their mother tongue language. They appreciate the nuances of our linguistics and can distinguish the differences in accents and colloquialisms in audio transcription.

Masters in Complex Recordings

We have become experts in deciphering complex recordings due to our longevity in the industry. Our sought-after team is incredibly experienced and able to interpret multiple speakers, dialects, pitches and sounds, turning verbal conversations into legible, clear transcripts. UK Audio transcription is carried out by our team of experts in your industry.

Comprehensive Research

We carry out our research up front to save you time. We make it our job to familiarise ourselves with your terminology so that you don’t need to spend hours double-checking our work.

Easy-to-read Documents

We maintain standardised templates created with your needs in mind. Our transcripts are presented in visually appealing, easy-to-read document styles that can be branded with your details.

UK Transcription services

Virtual but Approachable

Remote working doesn’t have to mean unattainable. If you need to speak to us or ask us a question, we’re available on the telephone or email and always happy to help.

Secure and Straightforward

Our online portal has been designed to make your life easier and you will feel safe in the knowledge that when uploading your sound files, 256-bit encryption is used for higher security. Everything you need to access and upload is in one secure and private area on our website for efficiency and peace of mind.

Ecologically Sound

As a purely virtual business, we’re completely paperless. Our carbon footprint is extremely low, which means you’re dealing with a green supplier – just one way to offset your own carbon footprint.

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A Few Words About the Founder of Alphabet

Alphabet Transcription Services - Denise

The Founder of Alphabet, Denise Elsdon, commenced her training at British Aerospace.  Having gained her RSA and Pitman qualifications, she embarked on her chosen career path as a personal secretary. She spent several years working for professionals in various sectors.  They ranged from medical and pharmaceutical practices, to aircraft building and pipe making industries.

Denise always excelled in each role, and felt there was a need to offer her services to private clients. She thrived on challenges. Back in 1995, Alphabet Secretarial Services was born.

Who would have thought, all those years ago, Alphabet would have grown into the company they are today.  The days of local clients searching in Yellow Pages is a thing of the past.

Alphabet Secretarial Services was going great guns, when Denise decided to launch a recruitment agency. Back in 2000, Alphabet Recruitment Consultancy opened its doors.

There was a need for an office and industrial-based agency in her local town. Alphabet Recruitment achieved great things, one of which was providing the electricians and builders, who carried out the works for the new Head Office of Ocado.

A Change in Direction

It wasn’t long after Alphabet Recruitment had been trading, when the internet started to take off. Email had arrived and there was less need for secretaries.  Denise saw a gap in the market for what is now, today, Alphabet Transcription Specialists.

Instead of supplying staff, the idea of outsourcing showed great potential. Denise designed her own small website, and Alphabet Transcription Specialists now had a web presence. Google became their best friend!

Their Fabulous Team

It wasn’t long before Denise saw the business grow.  She couldn’t keep up with demand.  The need for more transcribers became apparent.  Over the years, Alphabet’s website changed, and attracted many new transcribers to the team, along with some phenomenal clients.

They could not have achieved their success without their dedicated team.  They have fabulous transcribers who work extremely hard on often very difficult and challenging projects.  But they are the backbone of Alphabet.

Even though Denise is the Founder, she acknowledges all the hard work of other team members: web developers, who keep their website in tip top shape.  Their SEO and social media colleagues, accounts and admin assistants, without whom Alphabet would not be where they are today.

Their Amazing Clients

Denise comments on how Alphabet’s clients love what they do. They understand the importance of working with a team that instils confidence.  They soon begin to realise what an asset Alphabet is when it comes to producing tip-top transcription.

Into the Future

Denise explains, even though we’re working in a virtual world, customer service is still at the forefront of our operation.  It costs nothing to say ‘thank you’.  Keeping on top of project management is vital, leading to happy clients and a harmonious workforce.

We are active on social media, often posting blogs with tips and information that will assist in many business sectors.  This was not possible 23 years ago.  Isn’t it about time that you contacted a transcription UK services company that will aid your business?  We’re here to help, so please give us a call on + 44 (0) 1707 260027 today to find out more.

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