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  • PACE transcription
  • Covert & forensic science transcription
  • IUC transcription
  • Global corporate securities transcription
  • Witness statements
  • Working with local authorities, police and solicitors across the UK
Legal Transcription That is Super Accurate

We specialise in court-ready legal transcription services. This includes PACE transcription, IUC transcription, witness statements and benefit fraud interviews on behalf of solicitors, local authorities and police throughout the UK. HR departments have discovered the benefits of outsourcing their disciplinary and grievance hearings, where confidentiality is paramount.

Legal Transcription That is Court-Ready

Our experience working with legal professionals and government officials has given us a solid appreciation for what is required at court. We treat police and criminal evidence material with absolute confidentially at all times. Working closely with our clients allows us to deliver transcripts that are ready to be presented to a judge, barrister or solicitor, assisting them in the legal process.

This means that we know how to present our transcripts to a legally accepted standard. Using specific templates, you can have peace of mind that you won’t need to duplicate our efforts by re-presenting our transcripts in another format.

Experts in Covert and Undercover Legal Transcription Projects

We are the provider of choice for convert transcriptions of a highly confidential, sensitive nature. This includes undercover crime investigations and forensic science reports. As such, we have a dedicated team of trusted transcribers who are experienced with this level of transcription. It takes a seasoned professional many years’ experience to gain the skills required. They are well versed in the importance of security in confidential work.

Legal Transcription Produced Verbatim

We produce transcriptions verbatim, if required. These include every utterance, cough, pause, unfinished sentence, stutters and stammers. With PACE transcriptions, we can include or omit the speaking clock. Literally, everything is captured, where humanly possible.

Legal Transcription That is Encrypted

With all confidential work, we send transcriptions via our secure portal, which has been 256-bit encrypted for additional security. We do not hold any sound files or documentation after the project has been closed. They will be completely destroyed unless requested otherwise.

If you would like to discuss your transcription projects confidentially, please give us a call today on +44 (0) 1707 260027.

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