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Superb Corporate Transcription

From market research to board meetings, disciplinary hearings to Q&A sessions, our corporate transcription clients rely on us to provide accurate, confidential corporate transcription of their analyses, data, cases and findings as recorded.

Working with financial institutions, membership organisations, global market leaders and businesses throughout the world, we know you need a partner you can outsource to with confidence. Alphabet has gained a solid reputation for working with prestigious clients world-wide. We work in unison and consider our corporate transcription service to be an asset to your business, adding long-term benefits.

A business relationship should be built on trust and honesty, enhancing our clients’ businesses, not hindering them. When a corporate transcription provider is the right choice, you will want to continue building on the relationship for the foreseeable future.

Disciplinary Transcription

We work closely with HR professionals to transcribe recordings for disciplinary hearings. Our legal transcribers have been working with law professionals since 1995 and can provide all documents in court-ready templates to save you time when preparing for employee tribunals. Attention to detail is what differentiates Alphabet from the rest. You will not be disappointed you made the right choice.

Financial Transcription

We provide an accurate transcription service to investors, insurance companies, banks and financial institutions throughout the UK.

We know how important it is to capture accurate data from your meetings, presentations and Q&A sessions. From figures to FSA regulations, we won’t let you down. We know the consequence of adding an extra zero to a number so we take care to proofread every document before returning it to you.

Our experience has given us a solid understanding of financial terminology but we will always carry out research at the beginning of a new project to familiarise ourselves with your business.

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