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Transcription Services

Transcription services with a difference

We live and breathe words at Alphabet. We are great listeners, exceptional transcribers and fanatical about detail.

We approach transcription services differently. We really listen, we don’t just hear. We write, we don’t just type. We check the detail, we don’t just guess. We aim to get it right, first time.

Clients from around the world

Our clients come from across the globe and our projects come from high profile corporate brands, government organisations, pioneering pharmaceuticals, popular media, undercover police, and respected academic institutions. We have built our reputation on our skill and dedication, providing all our clients with transcription services they can trust.

Working with discerning professionals

Our transcription services are used by professionals who care about detail. Our clients return to us year after year because we don’t let them down. They never need to check our work and they can have complete confidence that we’ve captured their recordings accurately. It is a pointless exercise using so-called transcription professionals if your documents are not accurate.

From corporate events to fraud investigations, we give every transcription project the same attention to detail, every time.

An appreciation for your language

Just as Mr Hemingway did, we’ve learnt a great deal from listening carefully. As a result, we really understand the industries we work in. We’re comfortable with the terminology used in the medical fields. We appreciate the power of a great keynote presentation at a corporate event. We know what a judge needs to see in court-ready legal documentation; and we know how to translate media sound files into easy to read transcripts.

We always carry out research on a new project but our previous knowledge enables us to do that efficiently. We’ll make ourselves familiar with your acronyms and references fast.

If you would like to confidentially discuss a specific transcription project, please contact us.

Our Transcription Services